Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Beginning

To understand how I got here
it is better to start from the beginning

Born sick,small,weak
and with little if any hope
I conquered my own demise

Ever since I can remember
I felt different

and sadly in many cases
I was treated differently by my peers
because I was labeled weird

My 1st major interaction
that I can recall with out fuzziness
is when I was 3

I walked down stairs
and noticed in the finely groomed carpet
an orange m&m glistening, calling to me

I being 3, swooped it up and had it on my tongue
faster than you can say boo
and as that m&m was about to dance upon my taste buds
I heard a voice call out to me
she said sweetly
"Don't eat it, go ask mama"
Mama being my grandmother, as I was at her home
I again being 3, didn't listen
but the tender voice did not give up on me
I believe I heard it 3 more times
the final time
feeling gently pushed along my way down the stairs to do as I was told
and so I did
I had my hand open
and looked at my grandmother and asked her if I could eat this m&m

I will never forget the look in her face
it was white
her eyes all welled up with concern
She seemed dazed

Oh, how smart of you to come and ask
I was told
then she told me, it was not an m&m
it was Nana's heart medication
Nana, being my 90 something great grandmother

She was so pleased with me
and I did not tell her then
that an Angel told me to ask
an Angel told me not to eat it
I was instead given a child sized hand full of real m&m's
I was ever so pleased with myself

I have never let go of the ability to hear
to see,
to feel

This is my beginning, what is yours?

Have you ever been guided by an Angel?


Gucci Mama said...

This story has given me the chills every time I've heard it.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Wow! I've got chills. I have had a similar experience only I was much older. I heard a voice tell me very calmly to quit my job before it killed my soul. So I did. I really don't regret it either.